Our Product

Premium leather

Blake and Good Year welted

Exclusive inner sole for an immediate comfort

With a constant focus on quality and comfort we developed an exclusive inner sole which offers an immediate comfort even on a leather sole shoe.

We are also particularly attentive to the finishing and proud to offer shoes with the following specificites:

  • Premium leather from French, Italian and Spanish tanneries like tannery Puy, tannery Annonay, tannery Errepi, tannery Pellami and tannery Tris.
  • All shoes come with an integral inner leather sole which is usually reserved for luxury and top quality bespoke footwear.
  • Focused on comfort, we added a foam insert between the sole and the inner sole which upgrades the global comfort of the shoes even for a leather sole.
  • All shoes come with a reinforced shank to enhance the support.
  • Shoes from the BEVELED EDITION come with an exclusive beveled sole which is usually reserved to bespoke manufacturing.
  • Then, to maximize the comfort we developed an exclusive rubber sole which aims to be the most comfortable sole available for dress shoes; extra light and soft this is our Comfort Sole®.
  • All models are available in size 4 to 16 UK (5 - 17 US & 23.5 - 34.5 Japanese sizes & 37 - 53 EU). Our shoes are also available in 2 widths (regular D and large EE).

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