THETIS: Origin, DNA & Values

Real premium shoes.

The best and the right price.

An eco-friendly business model.

We are two friends who have been working for international shoe brands for the past 15 years. We wanted first to offer real premium shoes customization, at the right price (without paying extra marketing and intermediary fees).

Then we looked for a  business model that enables us to reach our eco friendly and economic goals : No store, online sales for a limited time, made to order manufacturing and direct delivery from the factory.

Our business model is based on our Customization Atelier  for made to order shoes. It allows us to reduce our global consumption of raw materials and avoid unsold product, storage and logistic transportation.

The right price

  • It reduces our global consumption of raw materials
  • Avoid unsold product and storage
  • Selling directly from the manufacture, prices under €200 for a plain leather and under €300 for real hand patina works

Premium products

  • Premium leather from the most famous tanneries (Puy, Annonay, Errepi, Pellami or Tris
  • Integral inner leather sole
  • Reinforced shank to maximize comfort
  • Exclusive foam insert between the sole and the inner sole which upgrades the global comfort

For all

  • Size from 4 to 16 UK and 2 widths!
  • More than 20 shapes available for all kind of styles
  • Numerous available designs with the online customization tool

Antoine & Gregoire - THETIS 2020 • credit @romain.cz7